Saturday, January 8, 2011

Welcome ...

To whom it may craftily concern,
As you can see from my "About Me", I am doing a project this year and this is where I am choosing to tell everyone about it—although I have no illusions that anyone will actually read about it. Blogging is sending wishes into cyberspace, isn't it? A sort of technological prayer. And we never really expect the standard types of wishing or praying to be heeded, so the same applies here.
My aim is to do twenty-five craft projects and put them out into the environment. If I am walking around and see someone's art outdoors—even those stencil things, and I am not going to graffiti, just so you know—it makes me wonder a little. It's nice to find some personality out in the world. It reminds you there is still magic and it isn't always only purchase-able. If you see my craft in your travels this year, and you like it, please take some (don't be greedy and take it all). If I could make a wish to cyberspace here, it is that I wish my silly project will remind a few people about magic; simple, everyday wonder.
In this spirit, my first project involves a myth. It is said that if you make a thousand of these your wish will come true. I have made eighty-seven so far. I'm feeling secretive at the moment—although sometimes I don't keep my mouth shut and people have already seen me doing them. I have this paranoid feeling that I am going to commit a crime by guerrilla-ring my craft into the world. I think, and I did try to slyly check this with a boy-in-blue, that the worst that I am doing is littering. Maybe I'll get bolder as the year goes past. The craft I am practicing at the moment is age-old. And I can see how it would facilitate a wish coming true. Once you have the method down, it is, like so much craft, meditative. Your hands move automatically and your mind transcends its normal banal thoughts of the everyday. It's a lovely feeling.
I hope to share more with you soon. I feel almost shy at the moment. Bare with me.
I was going to aim for every two weeks, but I paranoid-ly don't want to become predictable so there is no premier date. I think I have a location. I will let you all (is there anybody out there) know when it happens.
In the mean time I'll start on eighty-eight.
Til anon,